Here you will find some stuff I have been working on for the Linux4.BE project & some of my rambles.

Besides hacking on the kernel I have written several tutorials...

Like this tutorial for building a uClibc/Busybox based ramdisk for the BE
and this follow up tutorial for adding PicoGUI to your ramdisk.

Some notes on my attempts to build opie against uClibc 0.9.16 for the BE.

Here are some pictures & screenshots I collected of the BE running Linux.

To take screenshots type the following on your desktop with the BE serial cable hooked up:

cat /dev/ttyS0 > fb.raw.uu
and this on your BE:
cat /dev/fb | uuencode fb.raw > /dev/ttyS0
Then use a program like fb2png to convert the raw file to a png.
uudecode fb.raw.uu
fb2png fb.raw fb.png 0 240 320 16

NOTE: you probably can't do this with the standard serial driver as of 12/17/2002... I was using a crappy blocking standard misc char driver that will never be in CVS cause it's too stupid. fb2png doesn't work right either... cause technically the be has a 15bpp display but it fakes it with a 256x320x16 virtual display

This is a Linux4.BE progress chart.

Here are my bookmarks. I find them usefull you may also.

Various kernels and ramdisks I have built

11/18/2002 - kernel[1.2M] with a 4M ramdisk[512k] that contains uClibc 0.9.15, busybox 0.60.4, & PicoGui CVS-11/18/2002

  • Note: PicoGui should display a test image like this one.

11/19/2002 - A ramdisk[731k] that contains uClibc 0.9.15, busybox 0.60.4, PicoGUI CVS, & every PicoGUI app I could build.

  • Note: this ramdisk requires Networking support.
  • here is a kernel[1.4M] with the above ramdisk
  • PicoGUI starts with pgboard, omnibar, & canvastst. (It should look like this or this video [608k].)

05/18/2003 - kernel[1.8M] with microwindows CVS, uClibc 0.9.19, busybox 0.60.5, & a lot of the demo apps that come with microwindows.

  • Note: the scanning button keyboard driver and mouse's touchscreen driver are included with this kernel.
  • to start microwindows start nano-X and any other apps you want running. for example: nano-X & nxkbd & nxterm & sleep 10000 starts nano-X, a keyboard app and a terminal.
  • here[1.2M] is just the ramdisk


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