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BE300 Cradle Modification
BE-300 - CASSIOPEIA Pocket Manager
Jeff's Cassiopeia BE-300 Corner - Links
Mikes Little BE300 Page
Pc-Mobile cables for PDA, GSM and GPS

Embedded Linux

uClibc -- a C library for embedded systems
uClinux™ -- Embedded Linux Microcontroller Project -- Home Page
uCdot: uCdot
Aleph ARMLinux home - the embedded Linux portal: Home > View | Embedded Linux and Technologies
Welcome to Embedded Linux Journal


Essential Files
HOWTO: Writing a Computer Emulator


Small Systems


Soekris Engineering Website
Index of /floppyfw/download/Soekris
Running Debian on Soekris Engineering Embedded Systems

NEXCOM - EBC 563 (Embedded Controller) | Product Detail
Snap Gear - Internet Security Appliances, VPN Firewalls
Advantech - Your ePlatform Partner
Rabbit Semiconductor | Microprocessors and Development Tools for Embedded Control and Communications
KARO electronics Fertigungsgesellschaft mbH

HOWTO build your own IRDA SIR Dongle

Linux Kernel Hacking

Welcome to
Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers
The Linux Console Project - Linux Porting Guide
The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
Linux Kernel Hacking Tips
The Linux Kernel API
Serial Drivers
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition: Online Book

Linux PDAs

User Interfaces

Matchbox Window Manager
Open Palmtop Integrated Environment (Opie)
PicoGUI - (News)
The KDrive Tiny X Server
Greg Haerr's Microwindows and NanoGUI Page
GPE: The GPE Palmtop Environment


TimeSys (TM) Downloads
Linux VR
Linux CE-MIPS Info Project Info - Linux VR
Warner's Mips based PDA info Center
Linux MIPS
Brad LaRonde's Linux-MIPS Pages
Jun Sun's Linux/MIPS Porting Guide

the Familiar Project
Welcome to Agenda Computing - the one and only with the PURE LINUX PDA
Pico/Linux - (News)

Linux Software




The DockApp Warehouse - Home
Tower's Window Maker Pages -> Dock Apps
Window Maker - Your Next Window Manager

The LinuxBIOS Home Page
Linux From Scratch
Kernel AODV
Dillo Web Browser :: Home Page
Small Linux - Small Kernel Project
bozotic HTTP server

Linux Tips/Tricks/HowTos

LinuxGuruz Netfilter IPTABLES Firewall Page
MUO - Basics - File Permissions II
developerWorks: Linux | Wireless : Lightweight Linux, Part 1
How to make a bootable OpenBSD CD
Getting Linux into Small

Philips Nino

GNU Linux Port to the Nino

RE Tools & Turorials

DisC - Decompiler for TurboC
Reverse Engineering
REC Decompiler Home Page
Decompilation of Binary Programs - dcc

Sega Dreamcast - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
BOOB! - Developer Documents
Building the Tools
Console Gaming World - DC - Utilities Index
Zophar's Domain

WinCE Development

PersonalJava(TM) Runtime Environment for Windows CE
Windows CE Developers FAQ

WinCE & Linux

Using WinCE without Windows
SynCE - A Synchronisation Package for CE devices

Wireless Networking


O'Reilly Network: Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip) [September 16, 2002]
How to build a tin can waveguide antenna
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To - New Antenna Preparation
Wlan Antennas
Use a Surplus Primestar Dish as an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking Antenna
Welcome to the web page of Tim Kyle
2.4Ghz antenna - redux
802.11b Wireless Yagi Antenna
Pringles Cantenna
Omni-directional Antenna 2.4 GHz

Software AP

Howto Build a Firewall & Wireless access point with OpenBSD 3.0, pf, nat & dhcp
Prism II Access Point Mini-Howto
Jason's Web Thingy: Wireless 802.11b on Linux, Part 2
tanyh@bii -=:1:How-To-wirelessAP:=-
Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3
OpenAP - Home


How to setup IPsec for Linux, OpenBSD and PGPNet
Replacing WEP With IPsec


Wireless Tools for Linux
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc. - linux-wlan Page
O'Reilly Network: Recipe for a Linux 802.11b Home Network [Mar. 06, 2001]
Linux & Wireless LANs
Linux and Prism2-based wireless cards


Front Page
HoustonWireless: HoustonWireless

Hardware Comparison
Airport Modifications
Wap11 Hack
80211Planet - Insights: WiFi and the Penguin: Setting Up 802.11b Under Linux
Low Cost Wireless Network How-To
802.11b/Wi-Fi News: Books on 802.11b and Wireless Networking
Software - BC Wireless
WirelessAnarchy has arrived - hide the kids.
CLAN: The Easton Community Wireless Network Project
[lwlan-devel] bridging APs
ApToAp -
HostApMode - The Personal Telco Project
Prism2 Host AP Mailing List Archive: Re: How to be sure that WDS works correctly ?

WinCE Software

Add-on's - useful apps -

Meteorological Products Processed At The NWSTG
IP Filter - TCP/IP Firewall/NAT Software
The Simpsons Archive
Explore2fs HomePage